Nyr Mystic Commissions

See the mystical art of bringing your characters to life.

About Me

Hello! My name is Rama, and I am a 3d artist and animator.

Though my background is in computer programming, I have certificates in different modelling software such as Solidworks and Cinema4D. I mostly use Blender for my modeling work, using Cinema4D and other animation software for videos and animations. I also make custom textures, meshes, and maps, giving the full aesthetic to each and every product.

This allows me to create full animations from scratch, alongside fully-rigged models for use in your own animations or other activities such as personal virtual avatars.

And it can all be done from a simple picture, photo or drawing.


My main channel of first contact is email, though we may use other channels once contact is established. My email is nyrcommissions@gmail.com.